The sound before the melody, before the lyrics.
The sound vibrates, overwhelms, creates!
It is the sound that inspires Maestro Stefano Matteucci.
His cello, his violin, his voice, all blend together to create new music.

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Born in Teramo, Stefano Matteucci plays his first violin notes in Rome.
The great passion though, is the cello. Instrument with which Stefano graduates in 2003, after having studied at Santa Cecilia’s Conservatory.
Music takes Maestro Matteucci to London, in June 2008.

London gives Stefano great stages and moments. Theatres such as the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena, the 02 Academy, The Luminaire, and many more.
Collaborations and gigs with artists, the likes of One Direction, Il Divo, Goran Kay, Urban Soul Orchestra, Blue and Amalia Grè.
Maestro Matteucci records for Cinema and TV. Specifically for the BBC, and for composers: Mathieu Karsentil, Tony White and Marios Takoushis.
Stefano is now back in Italy, where he sings, plays and writes his music.