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D-EDGE is Stefano Matteucci's original music.

It's hard to frame it into a specific genre, because the albums, the sounds and the style can vary greatly from one another. The first album "My Greatest Hope" can be defined as a Rock Prog with a touch of classical and pop ballads. The second album "Colossal" is instrumental, minimalistic, and harmonically experimental, but also epic and grandiose. The third album "Cambierà" is the softest: melancholic, orchestral, with loads of piano and cello; the songs however are sung in a more operatic way, giving the album a touch of Opera. The fourth album "One Another" is a mix of the previous two: orchestral, grandiose, operatic: but also soft and melancholic in pieces like "Leaving". The fifth album "Amami" has got a more modern touch as Stefano uses synths and drum-loops too. At the same time though, many tracks maintain the D-EDGE touch: operatic, orchestral and very melodic. The songs' lyrics can range from social issues like war, inequality and poverty, to love, personal struggle, desire for freedom and passion for travels.

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