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Short Bio

One of the most eclectic artists worldwide, Stefano Matteucci is a professional musician, composer, film scriptwriter, film director, actor and singer-songwriter.

Graduated in cello at the conservatoire in Italy, he studied acting intensively for 2 years in Rome and Pisa (Strasberg method and theater), and performed as an actor, both in theater and in films. 
As a musician (cellist and singer) Stefano performed in theatres such as the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena, the 02 Academy, The Luminaire, and many more.
Collaborations and gigs with artists the likes of One Direction, Il Divo, Goran Kay, Urban Soul Orchestra, Blue, Amalia Grè and many more.

As a composer Stefano released 5 albums under his stage name D-EDGE.
Stefano recorded cello and violin for Cinema and TV.

More specifically for the BBC, and for composers Mathieu Karsenti, Tony White and Marios Takoushis.

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